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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Idea: Cultured Vampire Trait

I know traits are not possible in TS2 as they are in TS4, but with some workarounds everything is possible in these games. So this is a new trait for your sims.

There are some traits available for TS2, which might also help for accomplishing this trait, through a mod found here:

The original idea for this trait (for TS4) was by calinselene can be found here:

In The Sims 2
You need insiminator (or something like that) for this to work
  1. Hunger, bladder, hygiene and energ decay slower (which can be modified by the motive adjustor of the insiminator)
  2. Their friendships are built very quickly and they decay slower (insiminator social adjustor)
  3. They gain skills faster especially creativity (insiminator skill adjustor)

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