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Saturday, September 28, 2019

New Idea: Friends - The One With The Kips - S5E05

In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the six main characters of Friends in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
The blogpost about the personality, family tree,... of the six main characters in general is found here:

General happenings season 5:
Season five starts with Ross and Emily's wedding in London. The season features Monica and Chandler trying to keep their new relationship a secret from their friends. Phoebe gives birth to triplets in the show's 100th episode. She gives birth to a boy, Frank Jr. Jr., and two girls: Leslie and Chandler. Emily states that the only condition in which she would remain married to Ross is if he stops all communication with Rachel. Ross agrees, but during a last dinner with all six main characters together, Emily phones Ross and, upon discovering Rachel is there, realizes she does not trust him, which ends the marriage. Phoebe begins a relationship with a police officer, Gary (Michael Rapaport), after finding his badge and using it as her own. Monica and Chandler go public with their relationship, to the surprise and happiness of their friends. They decide to get married on a trip to Las Vegas, but, change their plans after witnessing Ross and Rachel drunkenly stumble out of the wedding chapel.

The One With The Kips - S5E05
Chandler and Monica, tired of sneaking around, each make up an excuse to leave town and then go away for a weekend together. They end up fighting the whole time and Chandler's afraid it may be over. Ross struggles to reveal his agreement with Emily not to see Rachel anymore. Rachel doesn't take it very well; she doesn't want to give up Ross, nor get left out of the group like Chandler's old roommate, Kip. Joey finds some similarities in Chandler's and Monica's stories about the weekend, and figures out the truth; Monica and Chandler swear him to secrecy.


She had a dog LaPooh and Davey the turtle.
She is shocked that Ross already agreed to Emily not to see her anymore.
She feels like Kip. Kip is Chandler's old roommate. He and Monica dated and after they broke up they couldn't be in the same room together and it was the end of their friendship even though they promised to keep in touch with him.
She always thought Phoebe would leave the group first. She is sorry about what she said and convinces Phoebe to start a new group, but Phoebe wants Joey in the group too.


She and Chandler are planning a weekend together. She says she's going to a culinary fair in Jersey.
But in the hotel she's not happy with any room she gets and she gets mad at Chandler for being more interested in a chase on TV then in what she thinks is important. They have a fight over it so the weekend went really bad, but they make it up.


The most important that happened with her is that Rachel asked her to form a new group.


Chandler tells him he had a fight with his co-workers, but he got to see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. Then he gets a call from the hotel telling they found an eyelashcurler. Joey thinks Chandler went on a gay cruise.
Later Monica tells everyone she saw Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. Joey didn't think it meant something until she asks Rachel for an eyelashcurler as she lost hers.
Monica and Chandler beg Joey not to tell the others after he put the dots together.


He's more interested in a car chase on TV while Monica wants to switch hotelrooms all the time. Once she found a great room, the chase is over and they get a fight over it. Chandler thinks it ends their relationship, but Monica doesn't feel the same way. They don't need to end their entire relationship over one fight.


He tries to tell Rachel he can't see her anymore because of Emily, but everytime there's something he can't tell her.
First she finds out LaPooh her dog at her parent's house died. Then her nose starts bleeding probably because of LaPooh dieing
. When he finally says it she does not take it very well.
He wants to step back so Rachel can stay in the group, but then she still doesn't get to see him.


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