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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

New Announcement: We Were On A Break

Needing a break

Some time off

Lately my life has become really busy. Normally I would post every day in July and August as children have those months off from school. But I decided to post every day children don't need to go to school (so weekends and schoolholidays) except when I don't need to work.
So from July 11th till August 2nd I won't post anything on my blog (except July 21th as that is Belgium's national holiday).
This will also count for the holiday around Christmas and New Years. From 2021 onwards I will only post in weekends all year long (otherwise it becomes to complicated).
And if I have more things to post than that, I can still post more, but with only posting in weekends, it will make it a lot easier to combine the blog with my real life. I just don't want to give up either ;)

But at all times I will be online in the Facebook group 
=The Sims 2= as I am an admin there.
I post them all in =The Sims 2= where a lot of people talk about the game, play made up games about The Sims 2, share info and cc, solve problems,...

I am also online on a daily basis for my Facebookpage:
On this page I post things I don't post on my blog (and the other way around). I also post previews sometimes and extra hints and tips for the game.
You can always reach me through Facebook Messenger for any questions about the game.

So even though I will post a lot less on this blog, I am still online and busy with The Sims 2 all the time.

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