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Sunday, September 27, 2020

New Storyline: The Goth's Year 1

It's not that I have much time to play because of my job, household (short: RL), but posting about the life of my simsfamilies on my blog is a motivation to create time for it as I want to have a blogpost a day.
I'm still playing the Genderswapped Uberhood by sushigal007 at Modthesims. The storylines of the families is still the same as the regular storylines so I'm not going to put that on my blog, but I'll tell their future storylines I have in mind. It appears I play a slightly different storyline because of the genderswap.
I also have put up a realistic economical and aging system which requires some Essential Mods which can be found here:
The essentials still need to be updated once in a while. As I go on playing I notice more and more essentials and there are still many TS2 creators who create new (essential to me) mods.

The Goth's Year 1
Caspian and Donna are over for good. Donna might not have been after his money (though she didn't mind), but she just can't leave the boys next door alone. All the girls in the hood have a thing for him. He had an eye on Darell Dreamer, but she's not interested in having more children of her own.
So now Caspian is really going for Mallory. He truly believes, as she has money enough on her own, that she is not after his inheritance and they can really become something good.

In meantime Bellamy is back. It was not just that he and Morticia needed a break, but Bellamy had a weakness for Donna and something must have happened there. He doesn't remember completly, but he realised it's best at Morticia's. She is over the top happy to have him back and in October 2001 they decide to get remarried.

Alexandra is still doing great at school. She really hopes she'll get a letter from Hogwarts any time though Morticia hopes she will become a scientist. What will Alexandra decide and what does Bellamy think about all that has happened while he was gone?

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