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Sunday, May 30, 2021

New 3-lvl Career: Aymon and The Saga of the Bayard Steed

Aymon and The Saga of the Bayard Steed

At this exact moment of posting the magical steed, Bayard, gallops around Dendermonde like he does proudly once every 10 years. Though he drowned over a millenium ago, he will forever gallop on in the hearts of the people of Dendermonde.

There is 1 package file.
2 translationfiles (descriptions + chance cards) (for if you want to translate the career)
And the overview in a pdf-file (spoiler)

Download @ SFS: The Saga
As this career is based upon a story, it might be a bit weird to let a female sim follow this career. I did copy the exact text for male and female. Storywise, it's always told from a male perspective. But as it is just a story it's not impossible or all too weird to let a female follow these careers.
The hours are pretty standard and the wages are bit higher for the lord and king than for the knight. Even when it takes a while to get a chance card (though percentage is 100% chance of appearing) it's still worth the wait.
The skills are mighty high because it's a story and the point is to go on by choosing the right option when getting a chance card. Therefor it's not much use to play this career if you don't allow chance cards to appear.
If you want to stay at a certain level because you're not ready to read on with the story, then you can ignore the chance card.

PTO versions
As there is now a global mod for PTO versions, I no longer make different versions for my careers anymore. For PTO, please, go here:

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How to translate?
1. Is the career already translated into the language you want, because then your hard work would be in vain? Check it here:
2. It's important that you just translate the English lines. (See the thread to know which descriptions and which levels belong together)
3. You have to translate it twice. Once for male and once for female. Even when it's the same description!
---- Please, don't change the other lines.
4. Don't forget to translate the word "Unemployed" and to give me the translation of the career title as I will need that info when I add your translation to the career.
5. Upload the translated file to a comment in this thread.

Additional Credits:
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)
Job Seeking Board by Moghughson (MTS)
Numenor's Anygamestarter

Credits for the icon:

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