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Sunday, January 31, 2016

New elder career: NHA - Parlor Games

There are so many careers specifically for teens while a teen career also works for elders. Elders can't use it because it's teen focussed. That's why I decided to create careers specifically for elders. There are some ages that I don't really like because there are not really things to do with them. Like babies, so I made a lot of clothing for them to wear. And also elders. This is one of the careers I make for them to make it more fun to play with that age.

What about teens
Although this career was made with elders in mind, this career is available for teens as well. There is no upgrade, though.


You can find it under: TS2 Careers > Elder Careers

Career Title NHA - Parlor Games

Level 1
Title Card Games lvl 1
Description Card games always seem to be a hit with seniors. They need to be easy for the elders, but also fun and challenging. Like Uno is easy for kids, it's also a suitable game for elders. But there also other games like Sequence for strategic thinkers, Phase 10 if you're a rummy fan and Pinochle if you have bad eyes.
Wages -$10
Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Starthour 14.00
Working hours 4.00
Outfit Everyday outfit
Carpool Taxi

Level 2
Title Board Games lvl 2
Description There are quite a few board games that seniors will enjoy.Too many to name, but here are a few. What's that saying: Sayings from the past you need to remember in a trivia-style game, Senior moments to exercise your memory and Scrabble the classic of course.
Wages -$15
Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Starthour 14.00
Working hours 4.00
Outfit Everyday outfit
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Cooking + 0
Mechanical + 0
Body + 0
Charisma + 0
Creativity + 0
Logic + 2
Cleaning + 0
Friends + 2

Level 3
Title Electronic Games lvl 3
Description You're ready for it! Don't hesitate to take the game controller away from the grandkids! Electronic and computer games often feature advanced graphics and storylines. You have 20Q or Wii games. Civilization II is there if you want to rule an empire in your elder days. And of course Brain Age to stimulate and challenge your memory skills.
Wages -$20
Days Wednesday Saturday Sunday
Starthour 14.00
Working hours 4.00
Outfit Everyday outfit
Carpool Sports Car - Low
Cooking + 0
Mechanical + 0
Body + 0
Charisma + 1
Creativity + 0
Logic + 1
Cleaning + 0
Friends + 1

Original icon
Justification by requester The carpool of this career brings the elder to the nursing home to play with the older elders.

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