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Monday, January 04, 2016

New food: The Winter Theme Cupcake Set

These are six cupcakes (varies chocolate or vanilla) with textures about winter.
- Blue Snowflake (chocolate)
- Blue Snowman (chocolate)
- Blue White Leaf (chocolate) (Burned in the picture as an example of a burned cupcake)
- White Blue Leaf (vanilla)
- White Snowflake (vanilla)
- White Snowman (vanilla)

To make these I used the mesh and textures made by Exnem. As far as I now the site is dead and the policy is nowhere to be found.
If anyone asks me to delete these, I will do so immediatly.

The cupcakes Exnem made are different from mine. Exnem's are available in the buy catalog and not made from scratch by the sim.
I cloned the layer cake in base game (6 cooking skill required) to make these. So a sim makes these from scratch.
It are exactly the same animations when baking a cake, only the result is different.


Miscellaneous > Foods > Cupcakes

Where and when to find it
It appears during lunch and dinner times.
It's found in the fridge under a custom menu serve cupcake.../"Name of Cupcake"
It requires 6 cooking skill as this has been cloned from "layer cake".
The sims eat this with a fork (it's all exactly the same as the layer cake).

As this is cloned from layer cake there is a chance that your sims role a new want: "eating/preparing ... Cupcake "Name of cupcake" like they role a want for the layer cake.

One issue
The plate won't be empty when the cupcake has been eaten. This is an error I can't help because I cloned this from the mesh Exnem made and I don't know how to change it.
If anyone can help me changing this, I'd be very grateful (it annoys me a bit).

Poly counts
Ingredients Tray is 722.
Prep State is 1,334.
Serving Size is 2,338.
Single Serve and Plate is 543.

Can you create a food item for me?
Yes, I can. but just remember I don't create new meshes. So recoloring is possible.
It depends on which food it is, but it's probably not a problem to clone and recolor it.
Just ask and I'll let you know if I can do it or not.

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Feedback always keeps a creator going for making more new stuff (in this case food).

Please give credit with a link when using my work.
Ask me first before modifying/using.
Let me know if you use my work.

Additional Credits:
Exnem for the original meshes and the textures (I edited)
Google Images (for the textures of cupcakes)
Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS)
Numenor's Anygamestarter

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  1. delicious :-) Did you take requests for food, too?
    If yes, how about some cakes? Maybe a "Its a boy" nd "Its a girl" cake? Or a , I don't know if its the right english translation: "bee stig cake". Here a picture
    Or choco cupcakes with a cherry on top?

  2. Well, not really taking requests for food but I consider every suggestion.
    I can certainly try the cakes you're suggesting, but a cherry on top might be a bit to hard as that's making a new mesh. I only do recolors.
    I'm planning to make a spreadsheet in Google docs for fod requests too because I can't keep up with the suggestions. I'm going to forget requests as they are posted in comments here, on mts, twitter, facebook, by email, PM, ...

  3. a spreadsheet in Google docs for food request would be great. :-)

  4. It won't be soon, though.
    I am going to the beach this weekend and next weekend I don't have much time either.
    In meantime you can try the (video)tutorial I made in August. So you can create the food you want yourself. The tutorial can be found on this blog.

  5. Could you please contact me by PM or e-mail so I can send a personal link for your request.


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