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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New major: Administrative Clerk

You have to download FrikaC's Majors Made Easier to use this major!

Cloned from Economics (Maxis')
Linked careers: Business, Intelligence, Music, Politics, Show Business
Hint: -Uni Major Revamp- Realistic Major to Career Linking - By Phaenoh - http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=460959



Requester LientebollemeiS2I
Major Title Administrative Clerk
Description Any successful business relies significantly on its administrative staff. As administrative assistant you are also one of the pillars of the organization and then you can count on a wide range of tasks with a lot of growth opportunities.
Source CVA
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Semester titles
Freshman 1 The most important department of a company: the cafeteria
Freshman 2 The archive: How important can it be? (It turns out very.)
Sophomore 1 The properly preparing and leading of meetings
Sophomore 2 Reporting: mostly after the meeting
Junior 1 How to say "hello" in a professional conversation?
Junior 2 What to do when answering a phone? "Hello" might be good.
Senior 1 Checking: checks, accounts and payments
Senior 2 The importance of managing budget, time and calendar

Course hours
Semesters Starthour
Freshman 1 10.00
Duration 4.00
Freshman 2 10.00
Duration 4.00
Sophomore 1 10.00
Duration 4.00
Sophomore 2 10.00
Duration 4.00
Junior 1 15.00
Duration 3.00
Junior 2 15.00
Duration 3.00
Senior 1 15.00
Duration 3.00
Senior 2 15.00
Duration 3.00

Required skills
Primary skill Logic
Secundary skill 1 Creativity
Secundary skill 2 Charisma
Secundary skill 3 Mechanical
Skill 5 Body
Skill 6 Cleaning
Skill 7 Cooking

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Wooden UI by Calidan (MTS) http://bit.ly/1aKIKpW
Numenor’s Anygamestarter

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