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Sunday, December 24, 2017

New Essential CC: Vacation Pay Out

This post is about the essential Fruit of Life object mod by Cathair2005 because it's the only way I know to Pay Out Vacation.
This is linked to the essential New Global mod: Sims Work Every Day
Also my PTO3 versions of my custom careers and the default Maxis ones I made.

What bother's me a lot is that there are so many unpaid days off in later levels of careers. First of all CEO's or presidents work at least as much as civilians. Second when you calculate what they earn per week with their higher wages, but working only 3 days a week, their wages per week are smaller than the wage per week of a lower level sim who works 5 days a week.
So then I thought I wanted to make a career version where the sim has to work every day, but then I have +200 careers to edit. So I asked Gummilut @ MTS to help me create a global mod. And that's how I made Sims Work Every Day.
But by default a sim earns a Paid vacation day (Paid Time Off = PTO) every 7 days. So I already updated a lot of my uploaded careers and added a PTO3 and PTO5 version, but I have to update a lot more.
For me in Belgium PTO3 is most suitable if you know that we work about 220 days a year.
But then it might be possible that your sims' workdays add up really quickly if they are hard workers and go to work every day. So what this post is actually about there's the modded object Fruit Of Life by cathair2005 @ MTS. This is the only way I know to pay out vacation days which you can see as an extra bonus.

You can find it here:

For me this is interesting as my sims can save up a lot of vacation days so they don't need to go to work from pregnancy till the baby is nearly a child even with my Project Realistic Ages (1 simsday is 1 real month which is essential for me), but it's best to have 2 parents then.

It also makes it easier to combine a business and a job if you have Open For Business.

When a sim changes jobs, gets fired, retires,... (not promotion or demotion) the vacation days are gone. So be sure to pay out those vacations days in time.

More explantain about PTO:

I have other essentials (for me) than this.
You can find a list of all (my) essentials here:

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