Saturday, December 23, 2017

New Major: Administrative Clerk Harder

I decided to create a harder major version (no replacement) for all my custom majors.
All the skills needed were multiplied by 2. So this means that when there is default (in the custom major) 1 skillpoint needed, in this major that will be 2 skillpoints needed. (Makes it harder).

For my current and future custom majors I'll make the Easier and Harder versions. So you can choose yourself which sim can have a harder course and who can have an easier course. E.g. One campus offers the easier courses, one campus the default and one can offer the harder courses.
So one University (Neighbourhood) is easier/harder than the other.

An overview of all majors and where to find the different versions can be found here:


This download includes
The harder major package, overview and translationfile

You'll need the EP University to use this!

The dress can be found here:

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