Monday, July 09, 2018

New Idea: The Odd Couple - Pilot - S1E1

This idea is based on my idea to analyse every Friends episode.
In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of The Odd Couple in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
I don't know The Odd Couple as much by heart as Friends so I haven't written a main blogpost about it (yet).

General happenings season 1:
Sloven Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) and the organised Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon), two friends from college, become roommates again after their wives leave them. Not long after they move in together, Oscar realises his mistake. Oscars assistent Dani and his lifelong agent Teddy have their hands full to keep Oscar on track while he's working as a sport radiohost, while worrying about his new living situation. Fortunately, there is the idiosyncratic neighbor Emily, who helps Felix to get used to his life as a single man and to keep his hosophobia (fear of dirt and germs) in control. Despite the fact that they sometimes make eachother crazy, they agree that after their divorce they can make something beautiful out of this absurd situation.

Pilot - S1E1
After each of their wives leaves them, old friends Felix and Oscar are reunited when they decide to move in together. Oscar treis to show Felix the brighter side of single life, but he may not be as happy as he seems.

Oscar: He is divorced after his wife, Gaby, left him. He works from his apartment. Oscar has put his mail in Casey's mailbox so she might come over. He was already flirting with her in teh elevator. He enjoys being single again. His friends Roy and Teddy (his agent) come over to watch the game.
He and Felix fight over how clean Felix is and he scared away Oscar's friend.
Oscar is getting a little emotional when Felix shows Emily pictures of their trip to Hawaii with their wives. Oscar proposed there.

Dani: She's Oscar's assistent

Casey: She lives downstairs. She does come over to bring Oscar's mail, but she knows it's a trick. She goes in for a drink, but the apartment looks like it's where the garbageshoot goes.
She, her sister and OScar and Felix are going on a double date. Her sister, Emily, has an emotional rough time too.

Felix: His wife, Ashley wants a divorce after 20 years of marriage. They were in couples council for 8 years. He doesn't want to be free. He thinks it's a trial seperation. He stays at Oscar and he cleans Oscar's apartment. He's a real cook too. He seems a bit gay. He scares Roy and Teddy away when they came over to watch the game.
He plays the cello and he's like a photographer.
He has a fight with Oscar again for showing the pictures of Hawaii to Emily and he spends the night with her and Casey. He and Oscar patch things up as Oscar admits he misses Gaby.
He does Yoga.

DVD Box Season 1 The Odd Couple

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