Saturday, January 06, 2018

New "How I Play": First things first

In October 2017 I started playing again with a brand new neighbourhood. The Genderswapped Uberhood by Sushigal007 at MTS:
I love playing Pleasantview, but starting it again would have meant that I would play the same story as I did before (even if it was almost 10 years ago).
So I wanted to start playing Pleasantview, but with a difference and the Genderswapped Uberhood was just what I was looking for.
But I thought first things first: What I wanted to do before even starting the game is solving out my downloadfolder.
Things I really needed to play and things I could do without.
These are the essentials for me. I made a page on my blog with the list of those essentials:

I will add more and more to that page when I have structured those essential downloads a bit more for myself.
So follow my blog to be posted about these essentials.

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