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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Important Essentials

Earlier this month I started a new series of blogposts: New Essential CC
This blogpost is part of that series, but it is slightly different. I was thinking about the essential CC I need in my downloadfoler before I start playing, and I was advised at mod the sims about some important essential mods. These mods add some important fixes to the game. If you don't use them, your neighbourhood can become corrupted (or so they told me here:

So this is the list of the really essential mods for your game not to get corrupted or something:
More information on corruption and how to avoid it:

Clean Installer:
Hack Conflict Detection Utility:

Clean hoods

Mod fixes
No corrupted death memory:
No Unlinkage on Urnstone delete:
No sim loaded:
Smarter EP Check:
Creature fixes:
FFS "Batbox" Lot Debugger:,72.0.html
Stuck Object Remover:

Pet related mods/fixes:
Bug fixes (only the ones which avoid errors):,15.0.html
Cleaner gameplay (3 fixes):;topic=7875.0

These are the ones I have in my downloadfolder:

  • BO - No Trash Memories v1.03
  • Caged Pet Fixes
  • Complain Social Fix
  • Ghost Hack
  • Gypsy - FT Genie Fix
  • No Pet Code Spam
  • No Pet Obsession
  • Pet Pregnancy Fix
  • Photo Booth Try for Baby Fix
  • Teen - Adult & Skunk Attraction Fixes
  • Toddler Toy Death Fix

Remember I'm not responsible for these mods nor do I give support for them. I just tell you what they told me at MTS and give an overview where to find them.

I have other essentials (for me) than this.
You can find a list of all (my) essentials here:

Last update: 2019-02-10

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