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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Announcement: Friends Project 2019

This year it will have been 25 years since the best sitcom (probably ever) first aired.
There are very typical things for Friends like the Thanksgiving trifle, Rachel's birthday flan, the cheese cake, Ross' Thanksgiving sandwich,...
So for every birthday this year of one of the characters (and maybe more days like Thanksgiving or Halloween) I will post a creation for the Friends Project 2019.

But there has always been difficulty to find out whose birthday is when. Ross is a perfect example for this:
He told Gunther his birthday is December 5th. But in Season 1 Episode 4 the guys have tickets to a Ranger's game on October 20th and Ross says his birthday was 7 months ago so somewhere around March. When he was in the hospital with Joey when he broke his thumb in one of the later seasons he says to Joey his birthday is October 18th.
Also Phoebe tells her half-brother her birthday is in February, but in one of the last seasons they have a birthdaydinner for Phoebe around Halloween.

So as the timeline in Friends is not that consistent or correct I am going to use the birthdays of the actors instead of the characters.

So if you want to know when I will upload the first (and next) creations of Friends for The Sims 2, Wikipedia is your FRIEND(s)

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