Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Essential Mods: Pre-School

This is one of the great mods by Chris Hatch. The site all his creations were, was an adult site (or at least part of it), but it's down now. Luckily his child-friendly mods are listed here: http://modthesims.info/t/603534
As is this Pre-School mod. It adds a menu to the phone where parents can call to. A van will arrive to pick up the toddlers. They walk to the van themselves if no one brings them. They stay at pre-school until a teen or older calls the pre-school.
What I really like about this mod is that the toddlers learn new things in pre-school and make friends which might be important for them later in life.
The only flaw (it doesn't annoys me yet) is that the game still thinks the toddlers are at home. So there needs to stay a sim (teen or older) at home or you'll get the message they can't leave the little ones all alone while going to a community lot.
But as I said. That's the only flaw I could find. I really love this mod and it is essential for the way I play.

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