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Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Storyline: Meet the Landgraab's - N021 Genderswapped

After years of not active playing (just creating and testing), I started to play again. But not with the Maxis' Pleasantview. But with the Genderswapped Uberhood by sushigal007 at Modthesims. The storylines of the families is still the same as the regular storylines so I'm not going to put that on my blog, but I'll tell their future storylines I have in mind. It appears I play a slightly different storyline because of the genderswap.
I also have put up a realistic economical and aging system which requires some Essential Mods which can be found here:

On my blog I'll introduce you to the Genderswapped Pleasantview families I play with. I just play with about 10 families. I think that's more than enough when you know adulthood alone is in my realistic aging system 552 days.

Meet the Landgraab's
This is so different for me. I love to play Malcolm Landgraab's household as Open for Business is my favourite EP, but with it being Mallory now I love it even more. She's really confident and got some real girl power!
Right now Mallory lives alone and is quite busy with her two enterprises. She has big business plans coming up, but she also wants to settle down. She's is already rich, but that doesn't mean she can't marry someone with money. She won't mary him for his money and a rich man won't marry her for her money either. So maybe that's the way of knowing he truly loves her for her. Even though people might think otherwise.
And who's the most desirable bachelor in town right now? That's Caspian Goth. Although he's engaged to Donna Lothario, there are some rumours that Donna's lifestyle might be the reason why the wedding will be blowed off soon.
Will Mallory get a chance with Caspian? And what are her plans with her enterprises?

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