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Monday, October 08, 2018

New Idea: Something Borrowed

This idea is based on a movie I saw so this might be a SPOILER!


Rachel and Darcy are two best friends who know eachother since kindergarten. Rachel is a nice decent girl who wants a family, but she's 30 and doesn't even have a boyfriend. Darcy is really all about fun and is not a very good friend to Rachel (standing her up when going out, being into herself and losing eye on Rachel).
She met Dex in college (they study law) and they fall in love with eachother, but they don't know that about eachother.
A bit by accident (because Darcy thrust herself upon Rachel and Dex) Rachel introduces Dex to Darcy. Darcy wants Dex to ask out Rachel, but as she says they are only friends she dares to ask her (Darcy) out.
Dex and Darcy eventually are engaged, but then Dex and Rachel sleep together. They confess to eachother to have a crush on the other while in college.
They don't really know what to do.
In the end Darcy finds out about them because she goes to Rachel telling her the wedding is off while Dex is also there. Before Darcy finds out Dex is with Rachel she tells her she's pregnant with Marcus who had made a pass to Rachel.
On the sideline there's another friend Ethan who knows about Rachel and Dex the whole time and admits to Rachel he secretly has a crush on her.

I think this would be a great storyline to try to play in (any) The Sims Game.

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