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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Idea: The Odd Couple - The Blind Leading the Blind Date - S1E4

This idea is based on my idea to analyse every Friends episode.
In general the idea is to give you one episode per blogpost. In every blogpost I'll shortly describe what happens with the main characters of The Odd Couple in that certain episode. SPOILER
You can then play this in the game as you wish.
I don't know The Odd Couple as much by heart as Friends so I haven't written a main blogpost about it (yet).

General happenings season 1:
Sloven Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) and the organised Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon), two friends from college, become roommates again after their wives leave them. Not long after they move in together, Oscar realises his mistake. Oscars assistent Dani and his lifelong agent Teddy have their hands full to keep Oscar on track while he's working as a sport radiohost, while worrying about his new living situation. Fortunately, there is the idiosyncratic neighbor Emily, who helps Felix to get used to his life as a single man and to keep his hosophobia (fear of dirt and germs) in control. Despite the fact that they sometimes make eachother crazy, they agree that after their divorce they can make something beautiful out of this absurd situation.

The Blind Leading the Blind Date - S1E4
Felix and Oscar attempt to help a friend find a date, but Oscar is distracted by his own love life, leaving Felix to his own methods as he plays matchmaker.

Oscar: Dani works 3 years now for Oscar but he doesn't meddle in her private life. He sets Dani up with some guys at the sportsbar, but he doesn't avhieve because she refuses them for little things like not answering their mom's call or using an expensive word or winking.
Then Oscar finds a girl, Kim, and starts dating her. It's a onenightstand according to Felix and Oscar wants to prove him otherwise. He admits at the end he was wrong as it appears she steals money from Emily on her shift. She also steals her tips.
There's a guy in the bar who has some words with Oscar and doesn't like him. Oscar introduces him to Dani and they really hit it off with talking about Oscar.

Felix: Felix does a lot of sports and yoga. He notices that Dani didn't put here hair up and ordered fries instead of juice. He wonders what's wrong. He finds Will for Dani, but they don't hit it off.
He had asked, Cindy, who plays the violin, to be in the bar for some romantic music when introducing Will to Dani, but then he asks her out. Although the date went well, he doesn't think it will last. A cello (Felix) and a violin (Cindy) doesn't match.

Teddy: He wants to set up Dani with his brother in law, Alan, who lives in his basement.

Dani: She is upset because there's a schoolreunion and she is probably the only one who is not married.
Felix helps her to find a date for the reunion. Oscar is going to help her to, to go against felix.

DVD Box Season 1 The Odd Couple

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